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Favourite genre of music: Rock, punk, dubstep, instrumental
Favourite style of art: Drawing, writing
Favorite anime: Naruto, Wolf's rain, Welcome to the NHK, FMA, Death note, Durarara
I haven't been very productive or active on here lately, but who cares about that :iconhappyblueplz:

Moving on to the real topic! Tomorrow is the birthday of my master and one of my favorite writers :icondoortraveler: and since I've wanted to do this for awhile (but was too lazy) what better day than today for it? I shall promote her.

First I'll mention my favorite story by her -"Chess and checkers"…
Currently she's posting the rewritten chapters of it. It's a sci-fi story about the current awesome crew of the Dove (a super old spaceship with its super cool owner Peacemaker) who are fighting against the kelfeer (a genetic experiment whose sole purpose is to exterminate every human being in the universe by blowing up their planets and killing the people slowly and painfully). As the story goes on, we find out some very interesting things about the history of the kelfeer and how they were created and how the universe was created by the twin siblings: Father Life and Mother Space, and Father Time and Mother Death. That is also the main religion in the universe and all of space. More about it here…
I personally have to say that I love each and every character (especially Killjoy). They are very interesting and different and they have amazing backstories. There is death and torture in this story (and we all know you love that). I really don't want to spoil anything. All I can say is that I really really love it. And that comes from a person who usually doesn't like sci-fi and space stories much.

Second is "Doors"…
By the author's own words "It's not really fantasy, but it's not entirely science fiction, and it's not strictly horror, DOORS is just a lot of everything. So it's going under occult because ... magic?"
In this story doors can lead to a different dimension. Passing through the Corridors where time and space don't really exist as we know it, and traveling on to different worlds, all different from the other, existing together, but I can't say in the same time. A door connecting our world (Earth) and one of the other worlds (named Pyralis) is left open and that disturbs the order of the Corridors, which leads to destruction and disappearances of people and worlds. In order for everything to go back to normal before it's too late, the door must be closed. Light and darkness meet in order to fight insanity.
It's a dark story, but also amazing and super interesting. The characters are lovely (I especially loved and also hated Mazarine).

Third is "Gate keepers"…
Currently only one chapter of the rewritten story is posted but you can find the first draft with the old name "Guardian of the gate" here…
This is a story with demons and witches. It follows the life of a girl called Stephanie who when she was little met an unusual friend - the demon Khaldune or just Dune (who is totally cool). They fight together to keep the Gate safe from any magical beings who want to abuse it. It's a gate which connects our world and... ehehe, I'll leave that to you to find out. But really... you know... demons and stuff *wink wink* As Stephanie grows, she finds out different things about her past lives, about the mysterious power called the Howling which lives inside the dimensions of the Gate, and... I shall not spoil anymore.
It's an amazing story, through which I came to know my master and I am thankful cause really... she's pure awesomeness.

Those are my three favorites, but by all means not the only awesome things in her gallery. I know people don't have forever to read about stories so I'll just mention some of her other works and hope that you find the time to check them out. I'd really appreciate it and I'm sure she will too.

So, another story is:
"Choice Illusion: Dark Twins"…
"For independence"… (this one is only a first chapter for now)
more first chapters:…

She also has short stories…
and poetry…

Thank you for taking the time to read this and again I really hope you'll find the time to read her stories. They are amazing and I seriously wonder how people are still not all over them. She doesn't show them enough, that lovely woman.
Have a nice day!

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